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A Crystallized Version Of The Most Essential Elements Of This Actual Experience:
An Interview With Nina Freeman

“I don’t know if anything can compete with the human imagination in that way.”


The Guru Of Gaming:
An Interview With Jenova Chen

“As frontier, we explore the boundary of the medium. It’s a very risky place. Some people just—they never make it.”


2,500 Years Of History And Gravity:
An Interview With Anders Nilsen

“I hope art that is unmarketable never goes away.”


The Rest Is Icing On The Cake:
An Interview With Maira Kalman

“There are procrastination rituals. Washing the dishes. Etc. But I think of those acts as clearing the mind while water is running. Like working near a stream.”


An Interview With Jesse Ball

“That’s an old-fashioned opening, from the nineteenth century, but it is still surprisingly good.”


We Have Housecats When We Once Had Sabertooths:
An Interview With Salvador Plascencia

“I’ll be the first to admit that the level of discourse has at times resembled the type of smack you would hear in a junior high cafeteria. And I’m not beyond slumping to it here. There’s an anger about the situation that messes with my composure and the basic manners and courtesy that my parents taught me.”


Color Study:
An Interview With Jaime Zollars

“I had cracked the code for myself.”


The Next Impossible Task:
An Interview With Robert Boswell

“It would be nice to be a thoroughbred, but I don’t have the bloodlines. I knew from the beginning, however, I could be an honest plow horse. I could keep going over the same field until I had it right.”